About Yaspot

Welcome to Yaspot, where I’ll teach you how to claim “ya spot” in the world of local marketing! No matter how important the Internet becomes, we’ll still always need brick-and-mortar stores. After all, where else can you buy the chocolate milk that you’ve just got to have now or the outfit for your job interview later that afternoon? So if you’re not an online business, don’t get discouraged. There’s room for you too in your local economy—you just need to learn how to market correctly.

Many people take the fine art of marketing for granted. You can’t just throw some clipart on a flyer and expect people to come running to your store. You have to appeal to your community better than that, and you can use all kinds of media to get the word out. Your marketing plan should include some paid advertising, but don’t discount the power of a good social-media account and a blog. Good information can drive people to your store.

On this website, you’ll get the basics of marketing, but I’ll also share some of my favorite businesses and services on the blog. I blog about businesses that are noteworthy and have set themselves apart. Who knows? If you build up your company, I might just write about it someday!